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How Does Hansen Price Help in Diminished Value Estimate If the world was perfect, motor accidents would not be there since all people would be driving vehicles carefully. In case the motor accidents happen, the car could be repaired and return to the value it was just before the accident happen. However, the world is not ideal, and therefore motor accidents happen daily. To make things worse, the value of the car happens to reduce whenever it is involved in a car accident. Even if you give perfect repair to the vehicle, the car value does not retain. The lost value is explained by more than one factor. Nevertheless, there is loss of the worth of a motor when it is involved in a car accident, and this is referred to as the diminished value. To get the true picture, take two cars of the same model, bought same day, gone same mileage and given due care. Now, one of these cars is involved in an auto crash. The car is then taken to the auto body shop for repair which is done using the manufacturer-specified part. The owner of the car that was involved in the car crash and that of the one not involved in the accident decides to make the sale of their car the same day. Will the two cars be worth the same price? The value of the car that has been implicated in the crash is usually lower than that of one never in involved in the crash. The difference between the values of these cars is what represents the diminished value. One thing to ask you is what makes the diminished value of one car more than that of another. You will get a higher DV if your use the manufacturer defined replacement parts for the repair of your car. Ensure that you give the best repair for your vehicle after the accident. You should not let the DV of your motor get lost. Follw the insurance company to sell the value so that you can be restored to your former state.
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To qualify for the DV, your car should have been damaged in an accident. It should not be your fault that your car got damaged. Your car should be ten years or less. If you meet these criteria, consult a diminished value specialist to help you calculate the value of DV. Avoid taking the DV claim directly to the insurance company. They will try to make a lower settlement that does not tall with the real DV. Hansen price is a diminished value specialist that helps car owners to recover the full DV after motor accidents. Let their experts discuss your case with you so that they can help you.Doing Claims The Right Way

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